Master of Arts in International Relations (Chinese taught)
Master of Arts in Internationa

The MA in International Relations (IR) is entirely taught in Chinese and is specifically addressed at the international students who possess an excellent command of Chinese language. The entire batch consists of international students only. The programme offers international students the chance to study International Relations in a complete Chinese setting, surrounded by an outstanding Chinese faculty.

The programme aims to provide a solid foundation in International Relations theory and practice, with a focus on the Chinese engagement in the international arena. The master students will be fully acquainted with the Chinese IR paradigm, without leaving aside the alternative paradigms of the field. Availing itself of the multiple academic exchange activities, the programme offers a truly international perspective, with opportunities of one or two semesters exchange in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, North or South America. In addition to the core classes, students have the opportunity to join multiple conferences and lectures organized by SIR, both in Chinese and English, as well as other extracurricular activities organized by major think tanks in Beijing, allowing them to develop in-depth knowledge in their chosen research tracks and research topics.

The ideal candidate is expected to graduate the masters’ programme in two years (four semesters). However, shall the minimum credits requirements not be met, the program can be extended up to four years of study. After accumulating the minimum number of required credits, candidates are expected to write an MA thesis, as their core research, under the supervision of a SIR academic.

The programme’s balance of intellectual and theoretical mastery with hands-on Chinese core perspectives of IR prepares you for a successful professional life, not only as an IR specialist but as a fine connoisseur of China’s international commitments, priorities and perspectives. During the two years of study, the ideal candidate is expected to become acquainted not only with the advanced concepts and paradigms of the field but also develop independent research skills and become proficient in the Chinese IR jargon.
Starting Date

September each year

2 years. In well-grounded cases, such as following an exchange programme overseas, the Master programme could be extended up to 4 years.

Though the application can also be done through the CSC [provide link], SIR strongly encourages the prospective students to apply directly, through UIBE’s School of International Education.  

The prospective candidates will be screened according to their learning performance, motivation for the study of International Relations, leadership qualities and extracurricular activities. The ideal Master candidate is expected to possess excellent Chinese language skills, both oral and written. An HSK level 5 Chinese language proficiency certificate is required.

Additionally, applicants must hold an accredited Bachelor's degree in International Relations, Political Science, Law or any other related major. Students who do not meet these minimum requirements, if otherwise admissible, may be assigned additional coursework in excess of degree requirements specified at the time of admission. Excellent personal and academic qualifications are required. Cultural factors are considered in the evaluation process.

The Application process through UIBE’s School of International Education is thoroughly described here [provide link to UIBE SIE]. The Application process through CSC may differ according to the country. Further inquiries on the application process can be directly addressed to SIR at [insert the email address] or sent through the China Scholarship Council [ link to CSC Website].

Prospective students willing to apply for SIR’s MA Programme in IR through UIBE’s School of International Education should submit their complete applications before May each year.

The courses are taught entirely in Chinese. Holding an HSK 5 certificate is required as part of the admission criteria. A working-level knowledge of English is desired, but not mandatory.  

A minimum of 30 credits is required for graduating the Masters programme. The credits are structured according to the typical Chinese curricula, consisting of mandatory foundation courses (taught for all the students of the university, regardless their major), elective foundation courses, mandatory academic courses (taught for the students following the same major) and elective academic courses. A minimum number of 10 credits for public mandatory courses and 8 credits for academic mandatory courses is required. The passing score for each academic course is 70, while a minimum score of 60 is required for passing a public course.

Mandatory Foundation Courses
Advanced Chinese
Advance Chinese (2nd Module)
Brief Introduction to China
Mandatory Academic Courses
Theories and Methods in Political Science
Theories of International Relations
Selected Issues in Foreign Affairs
Contemporary Issues in International Relations
Elective Foundation Courses
English as a Foreign Language
Elective Academic Courses
Selected Issues in Comparative Politics
Selected Issues in the Chinese Politics
Selected Issues in China’s Foreign Policy
China in Transition: Political Economy Perspectives
China’s Rise and Its Soft Power
Selected Issues in International Organisations
European Union: Selected Issues
The United States: Selected Issues
Japan: Selected Issues
Russia: Selected Issues
Seminar on Energy and Environment Diplomacy
Developing Countries: Selected Issues
Global Governance: Selected Issues
Economic Diplomacy: Selected Issues
Public Policies
Comparative Politics: Selected Issues
Political Thought and System in China: Selected Issues
Selected Issues in World Political Culture
Case Studies in Diplomacy

The Dissertation is considered the capstone of the Masters programme and should emphasize the candidates’ ability to conduct independent research in the field of International Relations. The master thesis will be written in Chinese and contain from 12,000 to 15,000 characters.

The thesis is expected to be submitted during the fourth semester, before March 1 and defended before the May 5 of the graduation year. For more information on the expected structure of the thesis and other academic requirements, kindly ask our International Office for the “UIBE Graduate Thesis Review and Defense Requirements”.

The annual tuition fee is RMB29,800. Multiple scholarship opportunities are presented in the Scholarship Section [provide link].