SIR Summer School Programme (English taught)
SIR Summer School Programme (English taught)
 scholars from the United States, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Australia have been invited to offer lectures on the above topics.

SIR Summer School is exclusively addressed to the UIBE permanent of exchange students and is free of charge. Each lecture/ short course is granted a minimum of 2 credits and equivalent with an elective course.  

The following lectures/ short courses are expected to be delivered during 2016 SIR Summer School:
No. Course Name Guest Speaker University of origin
1. International  Relations Theories Xavier Richet University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle
2. Business Skills  For The Service Economy Edward Verlander Long Island University, College of Management
3. The Rise of China and the Indo-Pacific
in the 21st Century
Jingdong Yuan University
of Sydney
4. China’s role in global political economy Hong Zhao National University
of Singapore
5. The European Union in the 21st Century: Economic Integration,
Political Divide?
Günter Siegfried Heiduk World Economy Research Institute,
Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland
6. Global trends for the international system,  business and society
in the context of emerging economies/powers
MukulSanwal Director,
United Nations
7. International  Law James DeShaw Rae California State University,
Basic Admission Requirements

The prospective candidates will be screened according to their learning performance, motivation for the study of International Relations, leadership qualities and extracurricular activities.

The candidates for our English-taught programmes are expected to be proficient in English and, for non-natives, language proficiency certification may be required. Chinese proficiency is necessary for both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes conducted in Chinese. The candidates for our Chinese-taught BA Programme in International Relations shall obtain HSK Level 5 Certification before their graduation. The applicants for the Chinese-taught MA Programme in International Relations shall submit their HSK Level 5 certificate at the time of their application.  

For further details regarding the specific admission requirements for each of our programmes, kindly address UIBE’s SIE website here [provide link to:].
Application Process

Students willing to study at UIBE’s School of International Relations (SIR) are invited to submit their application either through China Scholarship Council (CSC), mentioning the programme they want to attend at UIBE SIR, or, directly, at UIBE’s School of International Education (SIE).

UIBE’s SIE is the institution in charge with the management of the International Students’ application along with other international programmes and activities carried on by the university. In 2015, SIE successfully managed the application and enrollment of over 2300 international students from over 90 countries.  

For further details regarding the Application process, kindly address UIBE’s SIE website here [link:].
Scholarship Opportunities

Reflecting the increasingly important role played in the global arena, China has now become the destination of choice for an increasing number of international students, who consider China’s rich history and vibrant culture. More than 370, 000 international students from over 180 countries come to study in China in 2014.

Most of the international students in China would keep an eye on the unique travel and exploration opportunities, affordability of the Chinese higher education, the employment advantages posed by the second most powerful world economy, the increasing quality of the Chinese education and the worldwide recognition that comes with it as well as the first-hand experience of the world’s oldest continuous culture.

More importantly, China is now more open than ever to international students and the scholarship opportunities are abundant.

The prospective candidates can avail themselves of a large gamut of scholarship opportunities at various levels, as it follows:
Chinese Government Scholarship –  Great Wall Programme
Chinese Government Scholarship – EU Programme
Chinese Government Scholarship – Bilateral Programme
Chinese Government Scholarship – PIF Programme
Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Programme
Chinese Government Scholarship – AUN Programme
For further information on the available scholarship, please visit the China Scholarship Council info page at
According to the country of provenience of the prospective candidates, other Bilateral Scholarship opportunities may be available through other National Institutions of the applicants’ countries of origin.
Previous letter of acceptance on behalf of SIR might be necessary for scholarship application, though, depending on each case, the SIR application can be handled by the China Scholarship Council.
For the students who have been admitted without a scholarship, the university supports, encourages and notifies its students regarding any other available scholarship opportunities (such as Distinguished Foreign Student of People’s Republic of China, Beijing Government Scholarship, etc.).