SIR positions itself as a quality driven high education institution, placing a fundamental value on research.
Following our commitment to quality research in Political Science and International Relations, SIR has been awarded 12 National Social Science Fund Projects and 17 Social Science Fund Projects on behalf of the Ministry of Education. 9 regional research projects were concluded by SIR and 45 other university sponsored projects have been conducted. State ministries and regional governments in China have granted us other 11 research projects.
Our scholars have published extensively, both domestically and overseas. Over 20 articles have been published in Class A, CSSCI journals, and 42 articles in Class B academic journals and over 121 in Class C journals. Over 81 articles have been published overseas in SSCI academic journals and 137 articles have appeared in other academic journals worldwide. SIR academics have written over 11 monographs since 2006.
Many of our scholars are also renowned pundits in China and overseas with regular articles and reports broadcasted by China Central Television, China Radio International, Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station or published in nationwide newspapers and magazines.
SIR hosts international conferences with domestic and foreign experts participation on a regular basis. Our students are always invited to attend the conferences free of charge.
A decade after its establishment, SIR is not only at the forefront of the Chinese academic research but aims for an authentic global vision, by developing an extensive network of academic research projects and partnerships.

For SIR, academic research means inclusiveness and broad opportunities. We do our best to integrate our postgraduate students and young scholars into our research projects, encouraging them to publish extensively and nurturing the hope that they would soon be the vanguard of IR field, pushing the boundaries of academic knowledge and finding the answers for the questions our global society demands.