International students at UIBE can choose to live in or off-campus, according to their needs and preferences. Students choosing to live off-campus could consult the available housing offers in Beijing here. [provide link to]. Additionally, several real-estate agencies in the neighbouring area could assist in finding a house to suit your needs.

Our in-campus accommodation offer is entirely managed by UIBE’s School of International Education. We provide a wide range of accommodation options, with 4 buildings and over 500 units available:

Huibin House
The Huibin House offers modern facilities in the heart UIBE campus, with 198 standard rooms and 9 spacious suites. Each room is equipped with a TV set, air conditioner and private bathroom. The House offers a computer center, a multifunction hall, gym, laundry and a coffee shop. A public kitchen is available at each floor. The rent is RMB 100/ day for a standard room and RMB 160/ day for a suite.

Huide & Huicai Apartments
With a total of 260 units, this is UIBE’s accommodation solution for those who prefer a shared flat. Each of our units includes a living room, a double-bed bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and balcony. Additionally, Huide Apartment provides a coffee shop and laundry service. The rental price for a shared unit is RMB 140/ day.

Huicai Economy Dormitory
Our most economic accommodation solution consists of 89 shared rooms in an international dormitory. The rooms include a TV set, air conditioner, double bed and modern furniture. A public shower and toilet is available at each floor. A shared room is priced RMB 70/ day.
A RMB 2,000 check-in deposit is required.
The in-campus accommodation offer is exclusively available to UIBE students. Provided the increasing number of international students at UIBE, we cannot guarantee the availability of each of the accommodation offers mentioned above at any time of the year. International students are strongly advised to submit an Accommodation Application Form at their earliest convenience.
For further details, kindly address UIBE’s School of International Education here [provide link to].