Department of Political Science
Prof. Xiong Guangqing

 Xiong Guangqing

Deputy Dean
School of International Relations, University of International Business and Economics
Prof. Xiong Guangqing is the Deputy Dean of the School of International Relations. He is interested in the political development in contemporary China and comparative political institutions. Prof. Xiong authored five monographs published in China, the United Kingdom, Germany and Turkey. His academic articles focus on the issue of cybersecurity and domestic migrationary phenomenon in China.
Educational Background
2007: PhD (Political Science), School of International Studies, Renmin University of China
2004: MA (Political Science), School of Marxism Studies, Renmin University of China
1990: BA (History Science), School of History and Culture, Hubei Normal University
Government and Politics in Contemporary China
Selected Topics in Chinese and Foreign Politics
Research Interests
Political Development in Contemporary China
Comparative Political Institutions
Major Publications
1. Remedy for Right of Floating Population in Current China (coauthor), Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press, 2013.
2. The Problem of Political Exclusion to Floating Population in Current China, Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2009.
3. Contemporary Political Development and Institutional Innovation in China (coauthor), Beijing: China Renmin University Press, 2009.
4. Global Revival of Left and Socialism Versus Globalization and China’s Share, coauthored with Pu Guoliang, translated by Guo Hui, Berlin, Germany; London, England-U.K.: Canut International Publishers, 2011.
5. Küresellesme Sürecinde Kapitalizm ve Sosyalizm Dünya Solu ve Cin’in Konumu, Yazar: Pu Guoliang-Xiong Guangqing, Ceviri: Pinar Uygun-Deniz Kizicec, Istanbul: Kalkedon Yayincilik, 2011.
1. “Political efficacy: The progress of normative research and empirical research”, Study & Exploration, No.12 (2015).
2. “The governance of Cyber society and national political security in China”, Social Scientist, No.12 (2015).
3. “Rising of the internet public sphere and development of discourse democracy”, Journal of Renmin University of China, No.5 (2014).
4. “The characteristics and influencing factors of Chinese citizens’political efficacy: Based on statistical analysis of field survey data”, Marxism & Reality, No.2 (2014).
5. “Internet supervision and governance of corruption in China: From the perspective of citizen participation”, Social Science Research, No.2 (2014).
6. “The evolutional logic of Internet public incidents in China: From the perspective of process analysis”, Journal of Social Science, No.4(2013).
7. “Internet ‘Muckraking Movement’: the rise of a new type of social supervision power in China”, Exploration and Free Views, No.2(2013).
8. “The relations among individual, social, national and supranational: From the principle of subsidiarity”, Journal of Renmin University of China, No.5 (2012).
9. “Managing internal migration in China: From control-oriented to service-oriented”, East Asian Policy, Vol.4, No.3 (July & September 2012).
10. “The rising of Cyber politics and the changing of political culture in China”, Journal of Social Science, No.1(2012).
11. “Internet tyranny of the majority in China’s cyber democracy”, Journal of Social Science, No.3(2011).
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